Bula friends!

It took a total of thirty hours of travel but we have finally arrived in the distant land of Fiji! Equipped with my giant duffel bag, tons of sunscreen and an empty mind I stepped off the giant plane in an exhausted daze. Sunny skies, a warm temperature and swaying palm trees greeted us as we began our tropical, scientic adventure.
We piled in on a bus for the alleged two hour trip however we were sorrowfully mistaken as our guide Afnan is obviously on “Fiji Time” therefore the ride was quite a bit farther than expected. “Fiji Time” is a term used to describe the relaxed mentality the Fijian people have about time. It’s lovely not to stressfully rush around and have this ‘go go go’ state of mind however my tired self was not impressed as the bus slogged along the small highway for a grand four hours. We essentially drove across the entire island so it was a great chance to observe the villages and wild countryside. Scrawny dogs, schoolchildren and fantastic swooping mountains sped by.
We finally trundled into the capital city of Suva. It was bustling with lots of locals and shops around. It did not have the most attractive downtown, however we spotted a few parks that looked enticing. After being confined to a seated position for an extended period of time, getting to the University of the South Pacific was appreciated in more than one way. Our anticipation built as the bus rolled to a stop. We reached our final destination–hurrah!
Now it is time to start exploring and learning about biology in a new, beautiful location. Dolphin watching, coral planting and waterfall trekking await us. I cannot wait to delve into our activities! Bye for now.

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  1. From all I’ve seen and read, it sounds like everyone is enjoying the experience. Remember to work on your credit!!!


    Doug Campbell, Vice Principal
    Adult and Continuing Education
    Simcoe County District School Board

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